The world of C-Catamaran’s

Speed, comfort and safety are our top priorities, with one right in line with the other. The amount of C-Catamarans is steadily growing and they can be found on the water from the USA to China so only a matter of time before you see one sailing by, click below on the type that appeals to you most, whether this is a sailing or a motor cat, everything is possible!

C-Cat 37

Easy to handle, fast, spacious and safe, the benchmark in its length!

C-Cat 38 Power

Efficient and economical in use, spacious and also safe, discover it quickly!

C-Cat 40 Power Fish

A fast and economical catamaran for the fishing enthusiast!

C-Cat 48

Speed and comfort, this beauty will take you everywhere!

C-Cat 56

In development and soon to be a reality, fall in love with her endless possibilities

C-Cat 62

Endless space in this beautiful design, soon to be admired on the water!